The blog news for September 2013


This weekend, there’s a hackathon for the GNU FM
software that powers If you’re interested in
improving the site, please join us on IRC or in person
at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We’ll be focusing on the new look and feel for the site
this weekend, but now is a good time to get involved if
you have any PHP skills too, as we have plenty of other
interesting things to work on as well.

Five years ago, I had the pleasure to work with the
comedian and author Stephen Fry on a short film about
GNU, which you can watch at:

I’ll be at the event in Cambridge, so stop by and say

If you can join us in person, check out
or if you’re attending virtually,
we’ll be in on Freenode. Join us using a
standard IRC client (such as XChat) or via your web

# GNU social news

Our sister project, GNU social (previously known as
StatusNet) will also be in attendance this weekend, and
I’ll be running hackathons for both projects from a
single room.

At GNU 30th, we’ll be launching — a GNU
social site for the GNU Project, as well as a couple
other GNU social sites, including one open to the public.

As we roll it out slowly, more details and your
exclusive invite code will be sent to you via email.

# And in other news:

Bytemark Hosting in the UK has stepped up as a new host for and we’ll be moving the site over to their new infrastructure in the coming weeks, including putting our mammoth database onto a series of very fast solid-state drives, which will make things faster for everyone. Thanks to Tim and Matthew at Bytemark for making everything awesome.

Donations for are welcome in a variety of ways,

incluing Flattr and Bitcoins, as well as PayPal:

You can follow me on Twitter (and soon GNU social) @mattl and GNU social are also on Twitter: @librefm @gnusocial