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This Giving Tuesday, support freedom

Today is Giving Tuesday in the US and in many other western countries too.

I thought I’d write a little bit about some organizations worth supporting today.

  • Free Software Foundation — the stewards of the GNU License Suite, including the GNU Affero GPL that we use for The FSF is also an active part of our community, as they provide support for our GNU FM project.
  • Creative Commons — the stewards of the licenses we use for everything from the data on to the vast majority of the music we promote. CC’s two free culture licenses and work on the public domain are great tools for cultural freedom.
    (Disclaimer: Rob Myers and Matt Lee both work for Creative Commons now.)
  • Software Freedom Conservancy — home to many pieces of key free software, including Outreachy and supporters of

And some other groups in our space worth donating to as well:



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