133 million songs and counting

Today, we’re talking about another milestone for Libre.fm — 133 million song listens. Previously, in March 2013 we talked about 72 million listens, and a userbase of approximately 100,000 users. Today, some two and a half years later we’re at almost double that, with just over 200,000 users and 133 million song listens (with some 19.5 million of those being unique too!)

What do you do with data that big? We’re not sure. We’re certainly committed to making something cool with it, and we’d like to add better tools to allow people to export their own listening data and play around with it, graph it, etc.

When I talk about Libre.fm in modern terms, I think of each of those song listens as a tweet, or in the language of 2009, a dent — people are now actively sharing their listening habits in different ways, conversing about and actively publishing their listening habits to social media in real time. It’s a nice way to think about it too — Libre.fm users have 133 million published song listens — which is pretty amazing!

I have a lot of ideas for how to make Libre.fm better and I hope soon we’ll have some time to get them done.

It’s amazing to think what we can do next when we get a better interface to this data, and I think we have some interesting ideas on how to do that next 🙂


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