More news — server move, new design, kittens.

This month sees a massive update to’s infrastructure thanks to our good friends at Bytemark.

Bytemark have generously donated us a ton of resources for including a new database server with super fast solid state disks, and a pair of load balanced high speed web servers for the site.

What this means for everyone else is that things are about to get a lot faster.

This does however mean that there will be some downtime for the site, during which time we won’t be accepting scrobbles. If your client is any good, it’ll cache those scrobbles for you, and when we come back online, your listening history will be sent over. Traditionally, coming back online after a little bit of downtime means we get a TON of scrobbles submitted to us, which slows the site down a bunch, so it’ll be interesting to see how well it works on the new setup.

Huge thanks to Matthew, Peter and Tim over at Bytemark for making this happen and their continued support.

In addition, we hope to launch the new design of the site at the same time.’s own Matt Lee and Rob Myers will be on-hand during the migration to answer any of your questions — grab us on Twitter or GNU social @librefm (we’re on if you use GNU social)

Oh, and we have a donations page where we accept all kinds of donations and high-fives and even Bitcoin (which we don’t know how to really use yet, so suggestions are welcome on that too)

Kittens? Here’s a GIF of a cat eating a watermelon.



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