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72 million songs later…


On April 1st, 2009 I outlined my ideas for a new kind of music

service in an image I put together with Inkscape. is a project to help keep track of what music you like and

share that, with your friends…

…discover new music, and meet new people who share your taste in

Sounds familar, but wait…

* Complete public source code licensed under the GNU AGPL
* You own your data…
* Use our service, or run your own
* Get started and hacking today

With links to source code (then in SVN) and a mailing list and an
ideas wiki.

Four years later, we have over 100,000 users, over 72 million tracks
have been recorded and we’re still going. In many ways, is
the most successful thing I’ve ever done.

It started when I offered to give a talk at the LibrePlanet 2009
conference about network services, one idea I had been playing with
for a little while was the idea of some free alternative to,
and had been poking around on my own computer, trying to capture my
scrobbles in a text file.

The whole story of the project should be told some day, perhaps in the
inevitable manual that we should go ahead and make.

For now, I would like to thank the amazing people who’ve been on this
journey with me so far — especially Mike Sheldon (Elleo) who
increasingly writes lot of the code himself, but also Clint Adams
(Clint) and Jørgen Bøhnsdalen (jurg) for their work over the
years. Thanks to our upcoming new star developer, Jonas Haraldsson
(kabniel) who started out fixing all the broken stuff on our wiki.

Thanks to the huge list of people who at some point contributed too:

Justin Baugh (baughj), Carlos Perilla (deepspawn), Donald R Robertson
III (donald), Evan Hanson (evhan), Nicolas Reynolds (fauno), Corey
Farwell (frewsxcv), Bernd Gruber (grubernd), Marius Orcsik (habarnam),
David Mignot (idflood), Jarkko Piiroinen (jarkko), John Sullivan
(johnsu01), Joshua Gay (josh), Mikael Nordfeldth (mmn), Nikola Plejic
(nikolaplejic), Daniel Watkins (odd_bloke), Toby Inkster (tobyink) and
Tony Biondo (tonyb486).

And thanks to my wife, Robin, to Rob Myers and to Ward Vandewege for
all their help keeping things ticking along nicely all this time.