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News for December 2010


We’ve been a bit remiss in keeping our news page up-to-date in the past, while news has always been released as it happens via our group and monthly in the podcast that isn’t especially obvious to people just finding out about the project. So from this point on each time a new podcast episode is released I’ll simultaneously post the development news in text form here as well. To kick things off here is the news from December, look out for January and February’s news soon (along with February’s podcast episode).

New radio stations

Once you’ve loved a few tracks on you’ll now be able to tune in to the mix and recommendation stations and have a selection of tracks that you might like played to you. You can access this by either visiting the “Radio Stations” tab on your user profile or by tuning in with your favourite desktop or mobile client.

User profile updates

User profile pages now also display a small selection of free artists that the user loves and artists we think they might like.

Artist page updates

When viewing an artist’s page we now provide a list of similar artists. This only works for artists that have been tagged, but it’s now even easier than ever to help tag artists and improve our recommendations. In addition to being able to tag songs as you hear them on the radio stream, there’s now a “tag” link at the top of artist pages making it possible to tag both free and non-free artists.

Scrobble forwarding to

For user’s of both and who’s scrobbling client only supports submitting to a single server we’ve got some good news, you can now connect your account with and we’ll automatically forward your scrobbles on to’s servers. Simply edit your profile and select “Connections to other services”, then click the “Connect to a account” link at the bottom of the page and configure your scrobbling client to submit to

Jamendo import updated

We’ve updated our import of songs from Jamendo, meaning that approximately 1200 new free artists and another 20,000 streamable tracks have been added to our database.