Too cool: submitting your listening history from your portable music player

Matt here. I’m currently on tour in Europe, and I might be coming to your city. Tomorrow, I leave for London, and will be doing a couple weeks around the UK for the last leg of my trip.

Right now, I’m sitting here, preparing for my talk on GNU FM (the software behind at FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’ve been away from my usual computers for about a week at this point, so I’m limited to the juicy goodness on my Sansa Fuze that I loaded up with tracks from eMusic and my collection before I left.

I realized, poking around on the player, there’s a file called scrobber.log — then it hit me: 3200 songs I’d listened to, ready to be scrobbled. As it turns out, our own wiki has instructions on how to handle this file.

So, while I might be the last Rockbox user on earth to find this out, I feel especially lucky that there is a wealth of software out there that supports as well as


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